This is Richard's most popular format and is appropriate predominantly for 4-7 year olds.  It is a two hour session and normally involves games before the meal followed by a fun-packed show of high quality Magic, Balloon Modelling and Ventriloquism. Richard's performances capture the entire audience including the adults once they realise they can't work out the secrets of his magic!


This is a 45 minute show and caters for those occasions when a full traditional party is not required.  The Magic is combined with Balloon Modelling and a Puppet Routine, all including lots of laughter and fun! Visit the Gallery to see the children's reactions to Richard's comedy magic.


These are for older children (aged 10+).  Richard will teach some magic that they will be able to go home and perform themselves.  Richard will also perform some of his world class magic, the secrets of which he has to keep to himself - he is a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle after all!

Richard is available to perform on any day at any time and (almost) anywhere!