2 hours of STRESS FREE Party Entertainment

“All you have to do is find a venue and feed them in the middle, I’ll take care of the rest”

This is my most popular format by far.   The 2 hour Magic and Laughter Party begins with my famous Magic Show, then after tea a fun packed games and dancing session which has lots of winners without any losers.

The whole party is under control, even sending them to tea is an entertaining game that lets them arrive at the table one at a time not in a herd!

During Tea I will get the show squared away and everything ready for the games to follow. Don’t worry when its time for cake I’ll organise the arrival with a fanfare and the group singing. 

As soon as you have finished the food the party begins and i will immediately take control, once again.

It’s Party Time – A session of dancing and inclusive games.

Anytime on Any day and Anywhere*


My performances capture the entire audience including the adults once they realise they can’t work out the secrets of the magic!

When the parents and children enter they are greeted by a full theatre style set up that will impress everyone.

The magic is stunning and the laughs just keep coming.  Sneaking round the side to get audience shots is recommended – especially during Duncan The Dragon’s appearance!

During the show we will make a special Magic Birthday card (even if there are 3 Birthday Children).

Non stop Magic and Laughter 

The Party finishes with a special Balloon model as a gift for the Birthday Child.

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All children pictured on this site are being entertained by Richard Pinner and appear here with permission.

"Richard Pinner" and" Magic and Laughter" are trading names of Almost Impossible Ltd.

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