2 hours of STRESS FREE Party Entertainment

The Plan

“You sort out the venue & food then let me take care of everything else”


Our first guests will arrive a little early so the show is all set in plenty of time to welcome them, entertain informally and learn the names. (Some say this is the most impressive part of the party!)

Magic and Laughter

When most of the children have arrived (or at the latest 15 minutes in to the party) it’s showtime! My famous Magic Show full of wonder and hilarity and of course a special guest appearance from Duncan the Dragon.


This short break will last between 15 and 30 minutes.  You just never know!  When it’s time for cake I will play a fanfare for the arrival and then organise the group singing.  Once a few have finished it’s time to …

Party Party Party

Games, Dancing and Competitions.  Some traditional, some novel but all are delivered with lots more fun.  I have lots of winners but no losers. 


A final big trick or maybe a special balloon model for the birthday child.  Whatever we do here there is always time for a group photo and then we have to say goodbye and send our guests home, with a gift if you choose smile.

All children pictured on this site are being entertained by Richard Pinner and appear here with permission.

"Richard Pinner" and" Magic and Laughter" are trading names of Almost Impossible Ltd.

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