Planning the

Perfect Party

Top 5 Tips

1. Set a date

To do this you will need to juggle the important elements.  Try and get 3 possible dates from the venue (easy if it’s at home!). Then check with the key players (Grandma, Best Friend, Richard Pinner ETC) 

2. Make a list

This may sound obvious, but there are a lot of little things that go in to a great party.  None have to be hard work but they all do need to get done!  

3. Set a theme

This doesn’t have to be onerous as “Party” can be the theme.  But what ever you decide with your little one – Stick to it and it will speed up a lot of the other tasks.

4. Stick to Tea Time Favourites

Serve foods that never fail on a play date with a new friend.  In this house it would be Fish Fingers, Pizza or Pasta with Pesto.

5. Don’t give them a chance to think

Children are wonderfully creative and will quickly organise themselves in play.  This may look and feel like chaos at a party!  The way to avoid this and maintain control is to fill their thoughts the whole time.  Always have the next activity ready to go.


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