Don’t worry, I’m not just a cartoon character. The real me would love to create a Magical Birthday for your special one.

Make your Party Stress Free

With a party professionally organised by Richard Pinner

Engaged and Entertained

If you haven’t been to a Richard Pinner Party then you may be surprised to see the children amazed and enthralled from start to finish.

You don't get many...

So it’s best not to waste any chances to create lifetime memories with your little ones.

Painless Parties

for Parents

“You sort out the venue & food then let me take care of everything else”

With Richard Pinner’s full party packages the Children will be entertained from start to finish leaving you to enjoy yourself as much as your young guests.  The show unofficially starts as soon as they arrive and doesn’t end until the last one has their coat on!  Leaving you with nothing to worry about except enjoying the moment.

Richard Pinner

A professional magician for nearly 30 years, Richard has performed his magic at thousands of events.  Whilst living and working mainly in and around London, Richard has been flown out five times to perform at birthday parties in Monte Carlo and has performed his magical entertainment in over thirty countries.

Oscar could not have loved it more!

Liz Thornton (Oscar's Mum)

He’s the funniest man in the world!

George (aged 5)

You were brilliant. Really made me laugh!

Derren Brown

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"Richard Pinner" and" Magic and Laughter" are trading names of Almost Impossible Ltd.

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All children pictured on this site are being entertained by Richard Pinner and appear here with parental permission.